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Fluttershy walked up the path to her long time friend Rarity's house. The yellow pegasus took a deep breath of fresh air enjoying her walk ever so much and life couldn't be better for her. She was in love with a beautiful earth pony named Applejack who had something important to tell her on her next day off from Sweet Apple Acres. She was sure she was ready to take their relationship to the next level seeing as they have been together for almost two months now. Fluttershy wanted to do something special for Applejack so she thought if she asked Rarity nicely she would allow her to use her shop to make a new hat for her. She knew nothing could replace her old hat but she thought she could still wear it from time to time. Fluttershy giggled with excitement unable to wait for the day Applejack told her secret. She walked on before spotting Rarity's house up ahead and smiled till she spotted the door opening then saw Applejack walking out with Rarity close behind.

"Ah know Rarity, ah have jus been wait'n on the right moment to tell her." The orange earth pony said to the white unicorn standing at the door.

Fluttershy squeaked and dashed behind a nearby tree knowing they were talking about her. She thought if she was silent enough she could here what she was going to tell her earliy. She ducked down listen carefully to each word they said with a smile.

"Applejack I'm surprised at you. You are supposed to be the element of honesty and you'er leading poor Fluttershy on like this. It's only going to hurt the poor girl more the longer you wait and I can't stand all this sneaking around. It's just not lady like to have to do this you know. Promise me you will tell her the first chance you get ok." Rarity nuzzled Applejack under her neck softly only making Applejack more frustrated with what she had to do.

Applejack sighed "Fine...ah'll tell her as soon as we meet up down at the lake like ah asked her. Ah really don't want to cause a scene when ah tell her so ah thought that might be the best place. Ah know she won't take it well an' that's why it's so hard to tell here. She is just to sensitive about everything so ah don't know how she will take it." Applejack turned her head away feeling guilty about the whole thing.

"Don't worry darling Fluttershy will get over it in time but you owe it to her, me, and yourself to let her know. I really don't want to have to tell her myself." Rarity said then Applejack sighed again.

"Ok sugarcube ah get it. Ah tell her." she said and gave her a kiss goodbye before trotting down the road going right past the broken hearted Fluttershy without noticing her.

As soon as Rarity was inside and Applejack was out of eyesight Fluttershy broke into tears. She couldn't believe Applejack would do such a thing and with Rarity of all ponies! "They didn't have anything in common at all so how could Applejack pick her over me..."  Fluttershy thought to herself as a bit of rage built up in her, wishing she could just slap Rarity across the face for stealing her love from her. She couldn't let Rarity get away with this betrayal so easily. She had to do something so no one would try something like this ever again. She wiped her tears away and looked over at the door thinking of the many things she could do to Rarity each one worse than the last. She walked over to the door and sighed before making the door ring letting Rarity know she had a customer.

Rarity quickly entered the room "Welcome to..." She stopped her usual customer greeting seeing it was Fluttershy "Oh hello Fluttershy. What brings you to my shop?" She said smiling warmly to her.

"Oh I just came by because umm...I just really need somepony to talk to right now and you were the first pony to come to mind. I hope you're not busy...I-if you are I-I can just go." Fluttershy looked away at the door as if she was ready to go already but was just baiting Rarity to have her talk with her.

"Well of course darling I would never turn away a friend in need. Please join me in the back. I was finishing up the tea. Would you care for a cup?" Rarity asked with a smile.

"Oh please let me get it for you Rarity I insist just sit and relax." Fluttershy was already making her way to the kitchen not taking no for an answer.

"W-well if you insist darling." Rarity said a bit confused at the way her friend was acting a bit. She seemed a bit more assertive when it came to making the tea for some reason. "So what is it you wanted to talk about Fluttershy my dear?" Rarity called from the other room as she took a seat on her couch.

Fluttershy let her talk as she got the tea ready. She poured herself a cup than smirked before grabbing some cleaning products and adding a dangerous mixture to the tea-pot trying to cover it up with adding more sugar to it. "I hope you like the tea...I put something special in it. It was something my mother used to put in her tea." Fluttershy put everything together on a tray then balanced it on her back before making her way back to Rarity. She placed the tray on the table between the two couches. She took the tea-pot and poured Rarity a cup then took her own taking a sip "Well to be honest Rarity I wanted to talk to you about a gift for Applejack..." she said in her soft voice.

"A gift you say? What's the occasion?" replied Rarity as she took a sip of her tea and was quickly about to spit it out thanks to the bad taste and over uses of sugar.

"What's wrong Rarity? Don't you like my mother's recipe?" Fluttershy said sadly looking at Rarity who was holding the tea in her mouth.

Rarity cursed her good nature and swallowed it down almost gagging a bit. "Why you mother sure has umm...a unique taste in tea." Rarity said with a forced smile through her disgust of the taste.

"Why thank you Rarity. Please have some more, I don't share my mothers secret recipe to anypony. I don't even think Applejack as tried it yet." she said then smiled at her as she poured her some more.

Rarity gave another forced smile and downed if hoping she wouldn't taste it as much if she swallowed if fast.

"Wow Rarity. I guess I should have made this for you sooner seeing as you like it so much. Here have just one more and we can talk." Fluttershy poured her one last cup before she could say no.

Rarity wasn't feeling to great already but she took the tea with a smile nonetheless. She did the same as she did with the last one drinking it fast then set the cup down before Fluttershy could pour another  "S-so about what you wanted t-to talk about?" Rarity said head spinning and feeling sick to her stomach.

"Well like I said I wanted to make a gift for Applejack but I changed my mind when I overheard you two talking about me outside. You two look like quite the couple kissing and cuddling up together." She said with a bit of anger in her voice.

Rarity's eyes went wide "F-Fluttershy I can explain. Applejack and I..." Was all she got out before she was cut off by Fluttershy.

"I don't want to hear any explaining from you Rarity! Applejack was supposed to LOVE ME! You messed everything up! Now she wants to end it to be with you...but that's not going to happen...I made sure of that already." she said watching as Rarity looked at her in horror at how much she changed from a loving and kind pony to one that was bent on revenge and hate.

"W-what do you made sure of that..." Rarity said back barely now knowing there was something wrong with her till it finally hit her and she looked at the tea.

"My mother's tea is to die for isn't it Rarity?" Fluttershy said in her normal soft voice as her friend felt her stomach burning from the inside out and her head was throbbing like it was being hit with a hammer rapidly. She wanted to throw up but she couldn't get anything to come out. She finally laid on the couch vision blurring barely able to hear. "Rarity you look so tired. Don't worry I know a song that will help you sleep." she said walking over to grab a blanket which was draped over the couch mostly for decorative purposes and placed it over her as she laid there slowly losing herself to darkness "Hush now, Quiet now. It's time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, Quiet now. It's time to go to bed. Drifting, Off to sleep. Leave excitin' day behind you. Drifting, Off to sleep. Let the joy of dream land find you." Fluttershy spoke softly to her before she walked out turning the sign on the door to closed. She hummed the tune to herself as she walked down the path heading home "Now Applejack as no choice but to stay with me." She thought to herself and smiled a bit "And if she does want to I guess will just have another tea party." She said giggling down the road.
Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I wrote this after hearing Fluttershy' Lullaby because let's be honest, that song is kind of creepy if you sing it right.
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The-Many-Faces-Of-Me Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Student Writer
eerie, but wonderful
askesalsa Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
I did like the way you told the story, but I did not like the extreme lack of commas o.0

:iconaskesalsa: "I would never do such a thing to one of my friends! I, um, I would probably be happy for them... I guess..."

Anyways, a fine little story :)
Axl9333 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Yeah in still fixing it here and there and I guess from keeping all my focus on spelling and grammar mistakes I forgot about the commas. I'm sure I still have a few grammar mistakes in there still but I think I got all the spelling down. I'll fix it up and throw thoughs commas in.
MaxAyson Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
wow wasn't expecting that O.o Itwas well written, i saw a few spelling errors but i can't spell to save my life so i hardly noticed and im glad i didn't notice cus it'd distract from the fic, which was very well written and enjoyable to read i look forward to seeing the rest :D
Axl9333 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
Yay someone likes my fan fic! I'll re-read it again and look for those spelling errors. I'll be posting the rest soon and also thanks for the watch you are my first of I hope many.
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